About Us

IDJ Academy of Business Administration is an online and offline professional education organization for entrepreneurs, founded by Mr. Tran Trong Hieu – Chairman of IDJ Group, who started his business early in his 20s, after graduating from university and working as an employee for a short time.
Mr. Hieu was successful before 30 years old and built IDJ Group worth thousands of billion VND after less than 10 years.

Trainees are entrepreneurs; people who want to become entrepreneurs, start a new company or project, start a new project for businesses; experienced entrepreneurs who now want to improve their knowledge of corporate governance practices. IDJ Academy offers the course named BECOME A BUSINESS OWNER (10 modules) for trainees as a practical MBA program, the program is taught online directly by Mr. Tran Trong Hieu, trainees can easily study anywhere, they just need a computer or phone connected to the internet. Monthly or quarterly, IDJ Academy will hold a face-to-face meeting for trainees to discuss topics and networking.

IDJ Academy also acts as a trading center connecting domestic and foreign investors with quality projects that are seeking funding. Coming to IDJ Academy, investors will find the best projects, which have been appraised and selected from young, ambitious, talented and reliable entrepreneurs.

The program was developed by Mr. Hieu and successful entrepreneurs based on the American MBA curriculum and business practices of those who have had many years of experience in the domestic and international market. By the end of the course, trainees will learn three basic things:

– Knowledge of business administration, know how to open a business methodically and effectively, formulate projects and business plans to implement and attract investment; present and review on investment projects.

–  Participate in Networking of IDJ Academy: Including entrepreneurs of the same age group or the same profession or the same locality and the entire system of hundreds of thousands of trainees, successful entrepreneurs associated with IDJ Academy; has the right to attend the offline meeting with other entrepreneurs organized by IDJ Academy.

–  At the end of the course, there is an opportunity to meet investors: Domestic and international organizations and individuals to find opportunities for capital. The project continues to be introduced in the long term to investors.
The objective of the program is: Building a new generation of entrepreneurs in Vietnam with full of intelligence, knowledge, and bravery to develop successful businesses.

IDJ Academy of Business Administration is a member of IDJ Group: http://idj.com.vn/